Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You are the bottom line


Saturday, April 3, 2010

i can't recall her name

She sits upon a golden cloud
and rides a dream of blame
i knew her when we both were young,
but i can’t recall her name.
Cupped in her hands there sits a dove
that yearns to be set free.
If she were kind she’d let it go,
and then it’d fly to me.

Her name was carved into a tree
that bore the bitter pear
i can’t recall where it once grew
perhaps i shouldn’t care.
Her eyes are flames that light the night
her soul a haunting maze,
her touch as cold as winter’s grasp,
that sets my soul ablaze.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Beneath a blanket of snow an ice
sleeps a meadow of daffodils
awaiting the call of a golden trumpet
that signals when to rise and kiss the sun.

Snow covered bird houses stand like silent sentinels
undeterred by the winds and the chills of time.
They dream of blue birds and swallows
that always return like silver haired travelers
who chase the warmth of the sun.

My heart waits like a box on a dresser
that holds memories of a time when
unicorns were possible and a meadow
of daffodils blossomed even in the snow.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


¿a donde vas golondrina?
volando de nido a nido,
sin rumbo y sin destino,
como una hoja en el viento
que se pierde en un momento
o se cae sobre el mar.

yo quiero ser como tu
y sin rumbo caminar
hasta que pueda llegar
a un lugar más perfecto
y si me pierdo en el viento
con mis alas volare
en una serena brisa
sin angustia y sin prisa
reposando en una nube
a donde la maldad ya no sube
y el amor es que conquista

Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Sleep

Outside my window the world lies frozen,
like a dream that travels through canyons
of unspoken thoughts and memories;
and of valleys of darken regrets.

It longs for springs that were once alive
with fragrant lilacs and stolen kisses;
of summers when watermelon seeds
shot from your mouth like a million
rockets hurling through space.

It hungers for an autumn that was golden,
warm, soft and sweet like a baby's tears
on a young mother's tender shoulder.

Don't fear the cold sleep of winter because
when the earth awakens all that it dreamt
becomes possible and the things that we
longed for are ours to taste and enjoy until
we no loner remember the icicles that dangled
from the eaves of our frozen existence.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Unicorn memories

Remember the last unicorn
who dwelt in the realm of dreams?
We often watched it as it reached
for the golden apples that hung
from the highest boughs of
our favorite tree.

In the distance, the rising sun flickered
like an eternal flame of hope.
You laughed as i chased the elusive creature
from hilltop to hilltop.

We both saw it disappear
into a consuming mist of memories
and a crestfallen sunset, but
by this time my body had grown weak
and snow began falling on my head as
i waited helplessly for the ensuing
storm to envelope me.

I must leave, not because i want to, but
because the unicorns are no more
and the golden apples have turned
to seeds and young saplings.

when i am gone,
will you remember the times i made you laugh,
or the times i made you cry?
Or will you simply remember the unicorn
that i painted on your bedroom wall?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zinnias and Butterflies

i remember fields of zinnias in every hue,
upon them danced weightless butterflies.
But i don't remember ever saying
i loved you.

i remember moonlit nights,
where lemon blossoms filled the air
making us dream of exotic places.
But i don't remember ever saying i loved you.

i remember picking flowers from your garden
to tell you goodbye,
as you left never to return.
But i don't remember ever saying i loved you.

Some say i'll see again, but logic tells me otherwise.
i never told you i loved you, but i think
you knew that i did.

And if i never see you again
i will always have the fields of zinnias and
the dancing butterflies that you left for me.